About Me

I have been interested in fantasy and science fiction since the age of ten, with a focus on role-playing games.  Being able to zone out and think about these imaginary worlds has helped me get through hard times.

I have lived in Wisconsin my entire life.  I take a certain pride in that the original role-playing game, created by TSR, and Arkham House, the publishing company which created awareness of H.P. Lovecraft’s work after his death, were both located here.  I dream of becoming a published author like Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, Fritz Leiber and R.A. Salvatore, as well as working in the role-playing game industry.

I follow the fantasy and science fiction genres through role-playing games, novels, television, movies and video games.

The music I prefer to listen to is various and depends on both my mood and the season.  In alphabetical order, AOA, A Band of Orcs, The Bloodhound Gang, Cables & Arms, The Dismemberment Plan, Dream Theater, The Futureheads, Groundislava, High and Mighty Color, Billy Idol, Nao Katafuchi, Lake Trout, Keiko Matsui, Monstercat, Mark Morgan, The Offspring, PSY, Skid Row, Tweaker, and Yuki Kajiura are what I listen to the most for inspiration.

I am also interested in craft beers and major appliances.