Trying out Real World Occupations for DCC

So, I am very excited about Mike Evans’s latest project, a mega-dungeon for Dungeon Crawl Classics based on The D&D Animated Series.  His first blog post for the project was a table so that the Level-0 characters have real world occupations.  Thus, I am posting today my rolling of a Level-0 character using the table, as well as another article I found useful.

In true DCC fashion, I rolled 3d6 and put them down in order.  I was amazed by the results.

11 Strength
16 Agility (+2)
9 Stamina
9 Personality
9 Intelligence
16 Luck (+2)

However, my real-world luck crapped out on me when I rolled a 1 for my Hit Points.

I could not contain myself any longer after that, and had to try out Mike’s Real World Occupations table.  I rolled a Medium, which starts out with a ceremonial blade (the DCC rulebook comments that ceremonial blades are like daggers), a book of spiritual signs, and a book of (her) horoscopes for the current year (2017).

Next, I was going to roll my Birth Auger, but recalled the article from the Goodman Games Gen Con 2016 Program Guide, 1970’s Earth Characters for DCC by Dieter Zimmerman, had an Astrology Table that replaced the Birth Auger Table.  Due to the horoscope book my Medium was carrying, in true DIY RPG fashion, I decided to roll on the Astrology Table, and found out my Medium was a Leo, which gave a bonus to Hit Points at each level, increasing the Hit Points to 3.

As long as I had the article pulled up, I liked the idea of replacing the starting copper pieces with $, so rolled that up ($38 – good luck with the currency exchange – LOL) and used the article’s Personal Items Table, which got me a notebook and a paperback novel (which I decided to be Almuric by Robert E. Howard).


For finishing touches, I decided to name her Malena.



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