Dreamblade to Dungeon Crawl Classics Conversion: Baxar the Soulstitcher

I created this conversion for Doug Kovacs at his request because he is one of the greatest artists of our generation.  Dreamblade will always be important to me, as the volunteer demo work I did for Dreamblade earned me a trip to Wizards of the Coast for the Dreamblade Day event in 2006.

Dreamblade Day

That’s me in the lower right.

Baxar the Soulstitcher is a unique rare from the first Dreamblade expansion, Baxar’s War, which was one of many created by Doug Kovacs.  Some players were disappointed due to the leader of the Stitched not being designated of the Stitched lineage, meaning it would not be affected by the lineage abilities some of the other miniatures had.


The Unwholesome Lord, Baxar the Soulstitcher

Init +5        MV 30′

AC 19          HD 10d10          Act 2d20

AL C           Atk scythe-hand x2 +5 melee (1d10)

SP Soul Stitch

SV Fort +8, Ref +5, Will +10

On late nights, when veteran adventurers are exchanging stories over flagons of sacred mead and by blessed beeswax candlelight to protect them from being overheard by the powers of Chaos, those whose bravery and status which granted them presence will sometimes hear of The Unwholesome Lord, Baxar the Soulstitcher. Described as a monster with a metallic, insectoid exoskeleton, with blades and skulls all over, and the lower body like a giant snake, ending in what appears to be some sort of stinger (but in actuality, it is a spinneret which provides the stitching material), it is difficult to picture the reality of such a thing. It is believed that Baxar holds at least one level of a mega-dungeon deep under the ground as his dark domain. The origin of Baxar is said to be a summoning of dreamstuff from the collective subconscious dream-realm of the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad and The Great Old Ones, which then used its power to stitch together its own body from those who summoned it.

Baxar enjoys killing, but only because it gives him the materials to soul stitch. At any time out of combat when there are at least two dead creatures that received at least one successful attack by Baxar (or slice after they are dead), Baxar wills the parts it has sliced off to be stitched together into a monster of Chaos, which will be at least a little mad (in both emotional and mental health) due to having not just its bodies, but its souls stiched into one. Such creations, like Baxar, will have stitches visible upon them. It is believed that the stitches are made up of a precious metal, although this could be just a rumor created by Baxar to lure more bodies into his realm.

The statistics for Soul Stitched creatures can be made up in a number of ways, and it is recommended that other Dreamblade miniatures of the Stitched lineage be used as such creatures already created by Baxar, including his greatest creation, Marian, one of Baxar’s few intelligent creations, made up of an angel and a demon, but that will have to be a post for another day.



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