Cyber Sprawl Classics

I will be taking a break from Gamma-Hacked! until summer comes, as I have difficulty relating to a scorching hot post-apocalyptic future when it is below zero outside.  Therefore, I will be blogging about another one of my projects, Cyber Sprawl Classics.

Cyber Sprawl Classics is something I came up with in August of 2015, in which I had the idea of merging the Dungeon Crawl Classics rules to a cyberpunk setting.  I had started working on this idea in a private Google Plus group, but I “hit the wall” once I got to realizing how massive the project would become, as I wanted to create the foundation of an original cyberpunk setting along with the rules, but not detailed to a point where the game master could not meld it best for his gaming group.  The Hubris Campaign Setting by Mike Evans has been such an inspiration to me in this regard, and I treat this as the bar of what is desired in the final version.

Another reason why this is going to be a monumental task is because I had the idea of having a character class called ‘Suits’, the corporate management businessman type, who would work for a powerful Mega-Corporation, and I wanted this class to be similar in game mechanics to how Wizards serve a powerful Patron.  When the great Harley Stroh said this was a very clever idea, I knew I had something here.  Determining how to execute the idea has taken a lot of work.

While figuring out how to get the answers I needed as to what Cyber Sprawl Classics should be, I recalled that Joseph Goodman said he read the entire Appendix N (from the Dungeon Master’s Guide by Gary Gygax, titled Inspirational and Educational Reading) to come up with the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG.  That is when I decided in order to come up with what I wanted Cyber Sprawl Classics to be, I needed to go through a cyberpunk version of Appendix N.  Over time, I put together a list of the movies, books, comics, established game settings, television shows, web series and music I felt belonged on that list.  As everyone likely has their own list of what their cyberpunk Appendix N would be, and since I do not want to get off the project by getting into why a certain item is included or excluded, I will not post the list in its entirety anytime soon, but odds are if you follow cyberpunk, then I am sure our lists are quite similar.

To finish today’s post, I will share one of the more recent additions to the list with you all.


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