First blog post

So, I have been extremely impressed with Wrathofzombie’s blog for a very long time.  I have also been thinking about a way to get my writing out there.  I was going to wait until an article I wrote and got paid for was published in a magazine, but that magazine ended up going out of business.

I was going to use Google Plus at first, but WordPress offers much easier access and like Mike Evans, I can post links there to come here, anyway.

I have had a lot of plans and ideas – works that I have either attempted or planned to get out there.  I had posted articles within a message board community, until I read that any posts within that community became the property of the message board owner.  So, I deleted my own articles, but that caused me to get banned by the message board owner, and she restored them after banning me, giving her ownership again, and my emailed pleas to her asking she grant me ownership of my work never received a reply.

I also met with a local writer and self-publisher who had seemed eager to discuss my ideas.  However, when I arrived at his home, all he did was ask me if I liked Star Wars, then made me watch a horrible dubbed European horror movie from the 1980s.  On top of that, he paused it when he went to go to the bathroom adjacent to the den, and I had to sit in the dark while listening to his urination.  After the “meeting”, he then sent me an email asking me for my name, which was on Google Plus, and had been the initial way I was contacted by him.  Suffice it to say, I blocked this person every way I knew how and moved on.

So, now I am here, where there is nobody to steal my work out from under me and no creepy person to use my desire to be published as a way to get me to watch crappy films with him.  I have many great ideas, and while I am not sure if there is any way I can post the article I sold (I have thought about breaking it down and expanding each section to avoid legal trouble), I am eager to get my writing out to the public at large.


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